Drishti is a practice in yoga. In meditation or an asana, drishti is your eye gaze. Usually it is at your fingertips, or off the tip of your nose or at your bellybutton. But Drishti can be bigger. My guru told me this. Energy goes where intention flows. So, to me, drishti is the commitment to a goal or a set of ideals.
-Andrea Rodgers, Founder and Owner

Drishti Handmade was founded in 2014 by Andrea Rodgers and was created after melding her two passions of fine arts and teaching yoga. Adding an additional layer of meaning and importance to our pieces is how we live our own motto of "Set Your Intention. Follow Your Drishti." We absolutely love working with copper, silver and gold, and are obsessed with raw crystals! 

Set your intention and follow Drishti Handmade 

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