How long until my order ships?

The majority of our items can take two to three weeks to create, if you need more information on specific items please contact us :)

How can I care for the metal?

All our items come with basic printed care instructions, for more detailed care check out our jewelry care guide or our copper care page. 

Can I choose the stone or see pictures of what you have in stock? (Rings)

Once you have purchased a listing you can absolutely see the ring, we can take photos of options for you. However we cannot photograph just the stones before they are set for many reasons. 

You can also specify what style of ring you wanted as well e.g. round, square, light, dark, milky, etc. We will try to match it as closely as possible, just understand we work with raw stones, so no two are alike. Each stone is as unique as you! 

What if I don't know my ring size?

We STRONGLY recommend visiting your local jeweler as they are the best at determining your ring size. Most local jewelers should be able to size your finger or an existing ring (if you're trying to be sneaky) for free. The print at home guides you can find are inconsistent at best.

Can your rings be resized?

No, due to the process we use, electroforming, we cannot resize our rings. To resize our rings basically involves breaking the ring and the stone usually gets damaged.

I need an item by a certain date? Will it arrive in time?

When inquiring about a listing please include a link and your size. We will try as best as we can to ship it out in time, but as you are aware, once USPS gets their hands on it we are unable to control that segment of the journey, especially for international orders.

Also many of the pieces are time intensive and may take up to two weeks to make before shipping. When in doubt, ask us :)

Can you please mark "gift" on the customs form? (International Orders)

Mail fraud is bad, and so are you if you ask us :(