Meet our Ambassadors



I am a Desert Baby with a passion for printmaking, yoga, and leaving
this beautiful planet we call a home a little greener and sweeter than
I found it. I make too many smoothies, buy too many houseplants, and
can usually be found in the UNM Art Building or at home with my two
sweet Boxer pups.


As a yoga teacher, It is important to always follow my dristhi. My passion and my purpose.


"Maria Maria she reminds me of the west side story." Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she has always been drawn to being outdoors through running or other activities. 
You can find her working out at Body Language, a small boutique studio in the northeast heights. She loves to support other local businesses, whether they be clothing, art, or jewelry shops. When she’s not studying, or working at Lululemon, she is usually spending time with family members who are dear to her heart. Maria is excited to be part of the Drishti family! 


Hi! I'm Caitlin and I am a social media strategist, co-founder/owner of Simply Social Media, wedding photographer, conference speaker & go-getter in #simplysantafe!


Hi my name is Tamon Rasberry and I’m a writer who really appreciates fashion/jewelry. Almost to a compulsive level. I’m sort of kidding. I was born in England and grew up back and forth between L.A. and Albuquerque. I’d say my fashion sense reflects the mellowness of both areas. I consider myself to be an intuitive person. I like to use quotes to represent the mind set I’m in right now. “I’m a total weirdo and have often felt like an outcast and a freak, and I love that. It makes things so much more exciting.” -Zoey Kravitz also “Embarrassment and awkward situations are not foreign situations to me.” -Paul Rudd


Interested in becoming an ambassador? We are always on the look for awesome people who love wearing our inspired jewelry and want to share that love with their audience, we want people connected to their community and passionate about following their Drishti. If you're interested in joining our team please send us an email at